Tibet - Kham

The former Kham region was located in the eastern third of Greater Tibet, covering an area larger than Great Britain. It was annexed by China in the 1950’s and split amongst the Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces.

« To reach this region is an arduous undertaking, for it is about the most isolated in Asia. Let it be said that there is not even level space enough to pitch a tent, much less accommodate an airplane....Thus it will remain one of the last places to be brought close to civilization. Its scenery is unsurpassed and awaits the lover of nature, but he must pay the price. » -- Joseph Rock, explorer, 1923.

Until recently, the region was off limits to foreigners and remains isolated due to its inaccessibility and the prevalence of altitude sickness amongst its visitors. Tibetan Buddhism continues to play a key role in the daily lives of the Khampas, who enjoy a greater religious freedom than their neighbors in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The atmosphere of Chinese occupation is also less evident in this distant and magical land.