Amarvilas Resort

Imagine plunging into an enormous white porcelain tub filled with rose petals--with, as your view, the world’s greatest monument to love, the Taj Mahal. Sink a little deeper, and as the petals kiss your chin, the Taj settles to eye level, balanced on the rim of the tub like teacup. Such an experience is unique to Amarvilas, the five-star Oberoi resort that is single-handedly changing the way one can experience the Taj Mahal. A mere 600 meters from the monument, the property rises up a gentle hillside, so that the vistas from each of the 105 rooms are spectacular, giving one a view unchanged from the reign of the maharajahs. Inside this haven, elephantine chandeliers tumble beneath gold-leaf domes, while miles of hand-woven silk rugs sprawl across flawless Thassos marble floors.

Amarvilas is a palace in its own right and is repeatedly recognized as one of the most luxurious resorts on the Indian continent.