Amandari, part of the ultra-exclusive Aman Resorts chain, was considered groundbreaking when it opened in 1989. Australian architect Peter Muller's design was the first to be based upon the layout of a Balinese village, complete with walled in enclosures housing separate alang-alang thatched-roof pavilions for eating and sleeping. It is a concept, along with the inclusion of a strategically placed infinity-edge pool along the edge of the Ayung River Gorge, that has been heavily copied, and yet its charm remains unique. Crossing the gate into each of the properties 30 villas is like entering a temple of one's own. A sacred path joining two shrines runs through Amandari's public areas, and it is the villagers daily presence hereā€”as well as at the evening gamelan recital-- that truly earns the resort its name as the place of "peaceful spirits."